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How to Fill Your Time When There’s No NFL

by Marco Ceo

How to Fill Your Time When There’s No NFL

What’s an NFL fan to do when there’s no football to watch? With the first game of the season being heldin the first week of September, and the Super Bowl taking place in February the following year, that’s rathera lot of months to fill with something interesting. There’s only so many reruns of the last season’sgames you can watch without getting bored, so here are some suggestions for what you can do to keep yourself entertained.


Keep Up to Date with Contract Negotiations

There might be no games to watch, butthere’s a lot of activity going on behind the scenes. For one, there are contracts that needto be negotiated before the start of training camp. You don’t want to be the only fan who doesn’t know who’s playing in your favourite team next season.


Keep Abreast of Injury Updates

The NFL is not the softest of sports to play, andevery year there are countless injured players. Thiscreates an awful lot of suspense before training camp starts while you wait to see who has recovered from their injuries. For some players, the injuries they suffer can mean the end of their playing days while others justseem to brush themselves off and get back on it almost immediately. Keep your eye on the NFL news feeds so you can check what’s happening.


Spend Time Playing Casino Games Online

A great way to keep your mind off the football for the next seven months is to find another outlet for your sporting enthusiasm. www.schmittscasino.com is an online casino where you can play exciting casino games all year round. Give yourself a break from the excitement ofbeing an NFL fan and enjoy a fewgamesof blackjack, poker, roulette, or craps.


Find a New Sport to Watch

Seven months is a long time towaitfor the season to start again, but it’s not too bad if you’ve got another sport to watch. Just because there’s no football doesn’t mean it’s all doom and gloom. After all, there’s basketball to watch, ice hockey, Major League baseball, and the Masters Golf Tournament.


Coach a Sports Team

If you’ve got time to spare, why not get involved in coaching of a sports teams and enjoy sharing your sporting knowledge with others? You’ll also be getting a goodamount of exercise, so you’ll be fit and well when it’s time to cheer on your favourite NFL team.


Get Ready for the Next Season

The training camps open from May until July, and this is the time when you can sort out the gear you want to wear for the next season. You don’t want to feel left out whenyou’re wearing a jersey that’s two years out of date.

Thisis also the time for you to mend those relationship bridges that have taken a battering during the last football season. Spend time with your friends and your loved ones and make sure they know how much you care. It won’t be long before the NFL is taking up all your time again and they’re feeling a little left out.


If you can keep yourself occupied for the next few months, you’ll be pleasantly surprised athow quickly time flies until the new season kicksoff.

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