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No surprise, Tom Coughlin still wants to coach

by Marco Ceo

Indeed, no surprise here that Tom Coughlin still is interested in a head-coaching position again. The former New York Giants head coach sat down with Sports Illustrated and spoke openly about his situation.

“I’ve coached 47 years of my life,” Coughlin said Sunday evening. “You take it away, and that’s not an easy thing to duplicate.” He said his “motor is starting to run again,” and sounded very much like he’d like to coach next year, but he realizes he’ll need a partner willing to accept a different kind of coach. And not just in the discipline area. “We’ll see,” he said. “It’ll take two to tango. The 70-year-old-man stuff will be a factor, and I’m sure they’ll know this would be a three- or four-year thing.” And how will he prevent the age thing being a nonstarter? “They’ll have to know the guy,” Coughlin said. “If I have an opportunity to speak to anyone [about a coaching job], they’ll see what I’d be able to do for them.

Admitting that age and opportunity might become a factor Coughlin is looking for a three or four year deal that will be capable to fit both parties.

It seems very unlikely that this will actually happen, would Coughlin test the waters in college? Probably not.

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Berdj Rassam May 27, 2016 - 5:44 pm

Let’s be honest – Coughlin still can coach, though some may not like his style.


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