2020 NFL Draft

Evan Engram Trade Rumors Swirl

Evan Engram trade rumors, San Francisco 49ers show interest in Evan Engram. Should The New York Giants look to move tight end, Evan Engram?

Giants Fans often debate the trade value of Evan Engram, many believe that he could be traded for high draft capital. I’m not sure I believe that theory. Engram has been plagued with bad injury karma and struggled to get into his stride. If healthy he is an immediate miss-match. Hopeful if traded he The New York Giants GM Dave Gettleman would receive at least a 3rd round pick in return.

Via Forbes Vincent Frank
Not sure about Burton for the 49ers. Will say they have sniffed around for a TE2 behind Kittle and have shown interest in Evan Engram trade. Whether draft, trade or FA, 49ers will add a TE.

Also adding in a later tweet.
Seems to be confusion. I Reported the 49ers are interested in Evan Engram. True. I never reported 49ers interest in O.J. Howard. I suggested it in my mock draft.

Video & Podcast Link.
Podcast episode regarding trading Evan Engram.


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  1. Nick

    April 21, 2020 at 5:21 pm

    Hope it isn’t true

    • Marco Ceo

      April 21, 2020 at 10:52 pm

      It’s true that they had a facetime meeting, but that’s about it.

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