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How to watch every nyg game this season without a cable tv subscription

by Marco Ceo



Believe it or not, the 2016/17 NFL is fast approaching. Before you know it, we’ll be seeing meltdowns and comebacks, experience heartbreak and victory, and go through a gamut of emotions from rage to everlasting triumph.

As the season approaches, there is one question I believe you should be asking yourself: “Do I really need this expensive Cable TV bill, or is there a more cost effective way to enjoy the game I love so much?”.

If you’re a cord cutter or a soon-to-be, you’re probably already mapping out how you can catch every single NYG game this season for as little as humanly possible, and if so then I’ve got some good news.


As you may or may not know, watching Sunday Football without a cable TV bill can easily be accomplished by using an OTA antenna. No bills, no contracts, just the one time purchase of an Antenna, and you get Sunday Football for free, in HD on your TV.

For NY Giants games that means we are covered for Weeks 1,2,3,5,6,7,9,10,11,12,13,14,15&17 (8 Bye). Now the we just need to figure out how to watch week 4 (Monday Night) and Week 16 (Thursday Night). Let’s continue.


Monday Night games are often aired on ESPN. The nice thing about ESPN, is that it comes as part of Sling TV’s base package ($20 a month service). So to recap, we got Sunday covered for free, and Monday covered for $20 a month. So take a look at Sling TV and if you like what they offer, then try it out. If not, then just sign up for the free trial during Week 4 of the NFL season, as the NYG game will air on ESPN.


OTA Broadcasts
Up until recently, a majority of Thursday Night Football games were only available via the NFL Network, which made cutting the cord very difficult for some. 8 of the 16 games that aired last year were available on major broadcast channels (available via an OTA Antenna), but what about the other 8 weeks? And most importantly what about Week 16?

As I mentioned earlier, over-the-air (OTA) does offer a decent amount of Thursday Night football games. Last year, CBS had sole broadcast rights and aired eight games. But this year the network will share broadcast rights with NBC, with each network broadcasting five games each; giving us a total of ten games this season.

Here are the games that you’ll get OTA this season (check out the last one on the list):

  • September 15, 2016 – New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills, 8:25 ET, CBS
  • September 22, 2016 – Houston Texans vs. New England Patriots, 8:25 PM ET, CBS
  • October 6, 2016 – Arizona Cardinals vs. San Francisco 49ers, 8:25 PM ET, CBS
  • October 13, 2016 – Denver Broncos vs. San Diego Chargers, 8:25 PM ET, CBS
  • October 20, 2016 – Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers, 8:25 PM ET, CBS
  • November 17, 2016 – New Orleans Saints vs. Carolina Panthers, 8:25 PM ET, NBC
  • December 1, 2016 – Dallas Cowboys vs. Minnesota Vikings, 8:25 PM ET, NBC
  • December 08, 2016 – Oakland Raiders vs. Kansas City Chiefs, 8:25 PM ET, NBC
  • December 15, 2016 – St. Louis Rams vs. Seattle Seahawks, 8:25 PM ET, NBC
  • December 22, 2016 (Week 16) – New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles, 8:25 PM ET, NBC

So there we have it, with an Antenna and a one-month free trial subscription to Sling TV, you can enjoy every single NYG game without an expensive Cable Bill.

NFL on Twitter
To make things a bit more interesting, we’ve also got a new streaming service in the mix that is 100% free, and could add a whole new level of excitement to the game. As it turns out, Twitter is aiming to be more than just a place to start ill-conceived hash tags and to share what you had for breakfast. Earlier this year, news broke out that the social media giant was able to beat out heavy hitters, like Amazon, and obtain the online streaming rights to Thursday Night Football.

That’s right; your favorite sport just a lot more social. Details haven’t quite emerged as to WHICH games you will get, or HOW you will stream Thursday Night Football on Twitter; but I’m still very excited.

“We did not take the highest bidder on the table,” said Brian Rolapp, the NFL’s executive vice president of media, of the Twitter deal. “The platform is built around live events already. We want to see how they use the unique platform, and syndicated tweets all over the Internet is going to be interesting.” Bloomberg Technology

NFL Game Pass
The final service on this list is NFL Game Pass. Nothing new here, but if you want to watch every single NFL game in a given season; then I would highly recommend NFL Game Pass. For $99 a year, you get access to every NFL game, dating back to 2009. You also get live radio feeds, classic Super Bowl matchups, and more.

The only drawback to this is that you can’t live stream games as they happen, instead you have to wait until the broadcast for the game concludes. Typically, I usually watch whatever is available via OTA first and then I tune in to the game of my choice. Either way, it’s still a great deal.


So what do you think? With the savings you could accumulate by ridding yourself of an expensive cable TV bill, maybe you can afford to go to a live game this year? Or maybe you can simply afford to keep the cupboards stocked with good game time munchies. Either way, there is no need for you to be shelling out $100’s of dollars a month. There is a better way my friend.


Guest Post: Dave Kennedy is a long time cord cutter who became increasingly frustrated with the high cost of Cable TV and decided to make a stance. In 2011 he launched KilltheCableBill.com, a site dedicated to helping people save money through providing simple, cost-effective cable TV alternatives. Since then, David has helped 1,000s of people cancel their cable subscription while keeping the shows they love.

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James May 22, 2016 - 12:40 am

Hmm not bad. I am going to need to think about this one. I hate my cable company and maybe I could afford to go to a game this year if I cancel my subscription.

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