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Matter of Perspective

by Joe Castronovo

NY Jets are green with envyMatter of Perspective

Not for nothing, the Jets are also 2 games out of first in their division. The Jets have twice as many wins as the G-Men and if the playoffs were tomorrow, the Jets would be going as a Wildcard. But you’d think it was the other way around if you were to talk to a lot of fans. Big Blue won its second game in a row yesterday and playoff talk is already starting. It’s not even a whisper at this point. It’s really a matter of perspective. Despite one of the worst starts in franchise history, the NFC

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East has been so weak that the Giants were never really out of it. No one else in the division was winning either.
There’s a Big Blue twinkle in Tom Coughlin’s eye. It’s starting to feel like Christmas Eve 2011 when they surprised the Jets and rolled on to the Super Bowl. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying a 2-6 team is going anywhere but the golf course, I’m just saying they believe in themselves once again. Back in 2011, they were pretty much done, but beating the Jets woke up their locker room and they went on to surprise everyone but their own fans. They are a very long way from that, but it’s not impossible. Highly improbable, but not impossible.
The good news and the bad news is that the Giants are now on their bye week. I think they’d be better off keeping their momentum with another game, but they’ve got a week to recoup from a rough start. It will do more good than harm, but they probably wished it was out of the way sooner. More good news for the Giants is that after the bye, they’ve got three home games in a row. That’s pretty lucky for any team – not having to be on the road for a month should be huge. After the bye, they’re home against the Raiders. Oakland is nothing to sneeze at

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this year, but a rested Big Blue should handle them without any trouble. After that are the Packers. Good luck with that. A week later, they host the Cowboys.
I think the worst is over as far as schedule is concerned, but they really didn’t bank enough wins. Out of their final 8 games, there are 3 probable losses – Green Bay, Seattle, and, Detroit. You saw what they did to Dallas on Sunday, so the Lions are a credible threat, especially at home. Seattle plays that new wave football that clashes with Coughlin’s more traditional approach. They’re fast. Real fast. That game could go either way, but the Seahawks have been on a roll all season (6-1). The NFC East is so bad this season that 7-9 could possibly be enough to win the division this year. As bad as 2-6 looks they’re the only team with a win streak in their division. Hey, ya never know…

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