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Deep Football Thoughts Week 9

by James Doino

Deep Football Thoughts Week 9

Hey Big Bluers, with our G-Men on a bye this week and amazingly right back in the thick of things in the NFC Least I’m starting to get the feeling that this season may have an exciting ending. I’m not suggesting we are Super Bowl bound, I’m just saying if we can find a way to take the next 3 games at home and get to 5-6, the games in December might have heart-attack written all over them.

I find myself fighting with…uuhhh myself, over the rest of this season? One minute I have hope, and the next I see climbing the huge mountain before us as too daunting a task. I tell myself

I am having “DeBLUEsions of Grandeur”….which is oddly enough, the title of my next article coming to get you ready for the 2nd half of a so far disappointing season.

DeBLUEsions will take you inside the mind of a bi-polar Giants fan that is torn between hope and reality, and it should be hilarious. Look for it next week as we get ready for the DA RAIDERS.

Now before we get to the Fantasy plays, which I did pretty good picking last week, and the picks of the week, 1-2..pretty shitty. I would like to ask you to please take a minute and read this… Fantex

Holy real life Fantasy Football Batman!!!

Christian Ponder that one for a sec…buying stock and investing in players careers, both on and off the field.

I would have taken a bath on David Wilson, Jeremy Shockey and Jason Sehorn to name a few…

This would literally be a game changer. Being able to own a piece of an athlete. To quote Kanye, “that shit cray”.

But for as much potential as this phenomenal idea by Fantex Brokerage Services holds, it raises a troubling question.

First let me say that I am all for this. I have already started to put away a little “play fund” for a year or so once this thing catches some steam and gets off the ground. As of right now Arian Foster is the only player participating, and his stock isn’t to promising in my eyes. So watching how this progresses from the bottom could be interesting depending on which players choose to participate.

But is this a very dangerous idea/game to play as well?

Fuck yeah it is!


Weren’t Brandon Jacobs and his family just subject to death threats over a Fantasy Football game?

What if fantasy becomes reality?…Dangerous?

If people are threatening athletes based on the outcome of money/bragging right leagues with some friends, imagine the heights some people may take it to when real substantial money is on the line?

What are your thoughts on this one Bleed Big Bluers…Groundbreaking idea?…Dangerous?…or both?

FANTASY PICKS OF THE WEEK – Gonna do it a little different this week cause it’s a Giants bye week and I’m feeling rather sassy. Instead of one player and some reasoning behind the pick, I’m going to give you a handful of players at each position…Leggo!!!!


Phillip Rivers — SD Super Chargers – Redskins are just bad on defense. Rivers is completing 73% of his passes on the year.

Tony Romo – Cowboys — Big game coming for Tony, as in fear of being bitch slapped by Dez he throws to him early and often. The Minnesota secondary is in trouble.

Terrelle Pryor – Daaa Raiders – Not only does he make plays with his feet, he will make a play or two through the air on the Iggles.


Zak Stacy –Rams — I’m buying his jersey, 134 yards last week. Love the way the 5th round pick from Vanderbilt runs. Stacy is averaging 2.1 yards after contact per rush and the Titans are allowing a league worse 1.8 yards after contact to opposing RBs. It’s science.

Ryan Matthews – Danny Woodhead — SD Super Chargers – Playing the Redskins means you get them in your lineup.

Darren Mcfadden – Raiders — I think Mcfadden goes off against Philly. I actually inquired about trading for him in my league, could be in for a big 2nd half of the year.

Adrian Peterson — Vikings — Don’t worry AP owners, this is the week you get your beast back. It could be one of those games against Dallas when AP keeps the Vikings in the game by himself.


ALL SAN DIEGO SUPER CHARGERS WRs – Last week I said all Saints WRs and was actually right. This week I got a feeling about the three amigos of Allen, Brown and Royal.

ALL SAINTS WRs – With Cromartie expected to cover Jimmy Graham, like Talib did in New England, the Saints WRs could have a field day against the Jets less then stellar secondary.

Josh Gordon – Browns – Or as I call him, Flash Gordon, cause that how quick he can score. Need a 20+ yard TD?…Gordon is your guy… and if you need a D that gives up 20+ yard TDs the Ravens are your team.

Other WRs I like: Terrence Williams COWBOYS, Denarius Moore RAIDERS, Steve Smith PANTHERS


Heath Miller STEELERS, Greg Olson PANTHERS, Martellus Bennett BEARS, Jordan Reed REDSKINS


Season Record 18-17-2

Still feeling sassy here and will for the 1st time pick all 12 games

Can you say $5 parlay?…SASSY!!!

Steelers +7 over the Pats

Chiefs -3 over the Bills

Saints -6.5 over the Jets

Chargers PK over the Skins

Panthers -7 over the Falcons

Rams -3 over the Titans

Vikings +11 over the Cowboys

Seahawks -16.5 over the Bucs

Raiders -2.5 over the Eagles

Browns +2.5 over the Ravens

Texans +2.5 over the Colts

Packers -10.5 over the Bears

Let’s see how I do…This could be really good…or really bad…but either way, it’s sassy.

Enjoy the games this weekend Bleed Big Bluers and take a deep breath as we get ready for the final 8 games.

P.S. If you’re wondering why I’m feeling so sassy….I came across an old SNL skit with Phil Hartman… Enjoy BIG BLUERS…Stay SASSY and have a great rest of your weekend.

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Wilson November 3, 2013 - 12:04 pm

Before you talk about playoffs, watch this…


My picks: Steelers, Bills, Jets, Skins, Panthers, Titans, Cowboys, Seahawks, Raiders, Ravens, Texans, Packers (Based on past performance if you want to win do the opposite)


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