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Deep Football Thoughts Week 15

by James Doino

Hola, Bleed Big Bluers, hope all is well as we get ready for the Holidays.

With the Giants eliminated from the playoffs I had a hard time coming up with topics for this week. The big bad Seahawks are coming to town for a Super Bowl walk thru, and all the papers and sports talk I hear about is how the Giants are saying they better show up this weekend or the Seahawks will embarrass them.

Really?…I mean really?… Should we not be embarrassed already?

“The last thing you want to be is embarrassed,” Tuck said Wednesday. “This is a team if you’re not ready to play, they will embarrass you – and laugh about it. That’s point blank. I ain’t in the business of being embarrassed….I’m in the business of going out there and putting on a great show for our fans and helping us win football games.”

Hey Justin…FYI…this whole season has been an embarrassment.

The Giants shouldn’t be worried about being embarrassed on Sunday, they should be taking notes. The Seahawks play the game as it should be played…hard. They do not take weeks off. They do not lose games they should win. They intimidate, they run the ball, they don’t turn the ball over, they protect their quarterback. Their defenders swarm to ball, they create turnovers. They don’t make excuses. They don’t put the cart before the horse. They show up and play hard every week, and they win games by punishing teams for 60 minutes.

They have the eye of the tiger…the Seahawks are hungry, and after a tough hard-fought loss to a bitter rival they will show up at MetLife Stadium pissed off.

That used to be our Giants…now they are a shell of themselves. That game last week in San Diego, was that even football? I get that losing the Cowboys game took a lot out of them, but who’s fault is it that they were in that position in the first place? Who started 0-6? The Giants need to look themselves in the mirror. This is not Giants football, I’m not even sure this is football at all.

Jerry Reese last week after the loss to the Chargers discreetly removed the countdown to the Super Bowl clock. He should have left it there. These Giants don’t need to be coddled, they need to be put in time out. Enough with the “kid gloves”. Let them watch the days count down until another team celebrates in their stadium. Let them live with it like we do.

The Giants are worried about being embarrassed on Sunday, and we as Giants fans have been embarrassed all year. Part of me hopes that they lose out…we can use the higher picks. But there is some part of me that hopes not only do they lose, but that they do get embarrassed. And I pray that Mr. Mara and Jerry Reese watch every second so they are forced to realize that a decade has been enough, and it is time to start fresh, a clean slate.

These players have obviously loss touch with reality. Coach Coughlin brought in a Cancer survivor last week to help motivate the team, and then they show up in San Diego and play like punks. Voices in that locker are not motivating and carrying the same weight as they once did, and with players talking about getting embarrassed now after what we’ve seen for 14 weeks, you have to wonder just how out of touch with what this season has been like for Giants nation these players are…

We’ve been embarrassed, confused and disappointed all season long no matter what happens on Sunday. Happy Holidays Giants… thanks for nothing. Get affordable ticket rates here.



Kirk Cousins – Redskins – If you own Aaron Rodgers or say RGKnee this is a pick up you should have made days ago. Not only will Cousins be playing for the final three weeks, but you have to think Shanahan will do everything in his power to put Cousins in a position to make Dan Snyder and RGKnee look foolish. Cousins is must own if you’re in a QB pickle.

Cam Newton – Panthers – Goes off verse the Jets…It’s science.

OTHER QB’S I LIKE — Jason Campbell – Browns — Ryan Tannehill – Dolphins — Matt Flynn – Packers — Matt Ryan – Falcons


Shane Vereen – Patriots — Here is a fun fact…. Since Week 11, only Josh Gordon and Andre Johnson have more targets in the NFL.

Stephen Jackson – Falcons

Of purchase product: have Basically beachgrown.com buy levitra about volumizing his and.

Uuuuh, he’s playing the Redskins. Start him.

***Toby Gerhart*** – Vikings — If you own Adrian Peterson hopefully you were smart enough to handcuff him with Toby. If you don’t own AP, hopefully you were able to get him off waivers before the guy who owns AP. Gerhart has a tweaked hammy, but you have to figure if AP don’t play Gerhart will. If that is the case, all Toby does when given a chance to play is produce. He’s at home and has a favorable match-up against the Eagles…if he plays, and AP doesnt…Gerhart is a must start.

OTHER RB’S I LIKE — DeMarco Murray – Cowboys — Pierre Thomas – Saints — Mike Tolbert – Panthers


Riley Cooper — Eagles — Big week coming up for Cooper against a Vikings secondary that will be worried about D-Jaxs and Shady McCoy.

Roddy White — Falcons — Playing the Redskins…Nuff said.

Dwayne Bowe — Chiefs — Couple of good weeks in a row for Bowe as he looks to “smoke” the Raiders this weekend, get it? Smoke em…

Rod Streater — Raiders — Streater has nine receptions on passes

traveling 15 or more yards downfield, which is second only to Josh Gordon since week 11, and the Chiefs have allowed 10 touchdowns on deep passes. The Chiefs tied for the most in the league.


Delanie Walker — Titans — Jordan Cameron — Browns — Charles Clay – – Dolphins — Tony Gonzalez – Falcons





JAGUARS +2 over the Bills — Who in God’s name made the Bills a road favorite???

Jaguars 21 Bills 13

Dolphins +3 over the Patriots — One of those gut feeling games. Low scoring and Caleb Sturgis wins it with a FG.

Dolphins 20 Patriots 17

Chiefs -4 over the Raiders — Chiefs watched the Broncos lose last night and will do damage against that Raiders D.

Chiefs 31 Raiders 20

Panthers -11 over the Jets — Carolina will be feeling sassy after a loss to the Saints, and the Jets and their turnovers on the road are just the remedy.

Panthers 38 Jets 3

49ers -5.5 over the Buccaneers — 49ers roll in this one.

49ers 24 Bucs 11

Seahawks -7 over the Giants — Is the spread really just 7??? Giants just can’t keep up.

Seahawks 34 Giants 10


Vikings +5 over the Eagles — Call it a hunch but I got a feeling the Vikes find a way to win a crazy one at home this weekend….

Vikings 30 Eagles 28

Enjoy the games and as always have a healthy and happy weekend Bleed Big Bluers…

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