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Spotlight On Devon Kennard

by Marco Ceo


Spotlight On Devon Kennard

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“He was great on the [chalk] board, he did an excellent job of that,” coach Tom Coughlin said after the draft. “He really convinced the coaches that he was a really sharp football player, a multiple position guy, a guy that would come in here and play the linebacker position for us, which is what he’ll do. So we’re excited about that.”

Kennard’s road to The NFL was not an easy one suffering setbacks to injures. Playing 13 games as a freshman in under USC Coach Pete Carroll, starting as a strongside linebacker. Kennard also earned some time playing middle linebacker and defensive end before finishing his senior year  as an outside linebacker tallying 60 tackles and 9 sacks.

Along with many of the Giants 2014 draft picks Devon Kennard was team captain for the Trojans and thought of as having a high football IQ. The ability to learn multiple positions under a new playbook would be a key for him to see some  nice playing time.

“Right now they have me concentrating on middle linebacker,” Kennard said. “My focus is there, that’s what I’m focused on. They also want to make sure I know the SAM as well. “I definitely think SAM linebacker is the position that I feel most comfortable with. But that’s because I did it last year, I feel like I can come on the inside as well. I definitely have a passion for rushing the passer, passing situations and things like that but I can also cover and do things like that.”

Check out thepostgame article on his recovery.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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