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Waiting on Josh Gordon

by Marco Ceo

Waiting on Josh Gordon

We sit and wait, waiting patiently for any word on suspended Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon.

Gordon, who is suspended for substance-abuse and off the field issues applied for reinstatement with the NFL offices in January. 
The NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell spoke earlier this week about Gordon.

“When I get more information (from the staff) we can decide what the next appropriate step is, whether it’s me meeting with him or whether they’ve already met with him individually or whether others have met with him, a lot of these (meetings) are also with other people outside our staff, who might be medical professionals.”

Rumors have Josh Gordon wanting out of Cleveland and he favors the New York Giants as a landing destination, according to his tweeting history.

New Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson when asked about Gordon’s return stated.

“I think it’s premature for me to talk about that because he hasn’t been reinstated.” 

Under Jackson’s watch the Browns released Johhny Manziel due to his off season distractions, will they do the same to Josh Gordon? 

Will the Giants take a gamble, low risk high reward style? For this to happen Gordon must be reinstated by the NFL, then cut or traded. I’m not saying this will happen, just need your eyes and ears open.

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