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Deep Football Thoughts Week 4

by James Doino

Deep Football Thoughts Week 4

Heading into week 4 I have a thought about our Giants before we get to the picks of the week and some fantasy play for week 4.

Now I know in the Kevin Gilbride offense everything is about chunks of yardage and getting the ball downfield and considering the success this team has had I am not complaining about that. The part that makes no sense is this, considering the play of the offensive line, screens may help, a lot. I am in no way saying the Giants should revamp their offense completely, but having a couple of screens in the game plan can help to keep the defense off balance and negate their pass rush.

One more thing on this “screen” thing. Eli Manning is a Super Bowl MVP quarterback and a 10 year veteran now. Shouldn’t he have the power to come up to the line of scrimmage, survey the defense and if he sees a cornerback playing 7-10 yard off the line of scrimmage, give the wide out a had signal, take the snap, turn and just throw him the ball.

Buy doing this it does a couple of things.

1. Gets the ball in our playmakers hands in space.

2. Helps the offensive line by limiting how many times they will be forced to block Hali and Houston.

3. Keeps Eli from getting decapitated..

4. Creates 2nd and 3rd and short situations.

5. By creating short yardage situations on 2nd and 3rd down you negate the defenses ability to blitz and pin their ears back to get after Eli.


QB – Mike Glennon – Buccaneers — I know it’s his first start but if you are in deeper leagues and have Rodgers or Cam as your #1 starter Glennon may be a steal this week. He has weapons to throw to and the Cards are not playing lights out on defense.

RB – Maurice Jones Drew – Jaguars — Usually kills the Colts who are giving up a ton on the ground this season. MJD keeps it moving this week with at least one score.

RB – Trent Richardson – Colts — The trade really pays off this week with Bradshaw out and a favorable match up against the Jaguars.

WR – Josh Gordon – Browns — If you picked

him up you got a steal. If you drafted him, like me, you might be a genius. Coming of a 2 game suspension Gordon blew up last week. He was targeted a whopping 19 times and added a carry as well. If the trade rumors are true surrounding Gordon expect him to be showcased a lot over the next couple of weeks.

WR – Dwayne Bowe – Chiefs — Bowe had 1 catch for 4 yards last week. The Giants haven’t shown they can cover at all so far this season. Expect Andy Reid to move Bowe around a lot and target him more than last week.

TE – Kyle Rudolph – Vikings — Just got a feeling about Rudolph this week. Steelers will look to smother AP and Rudolph will make a couple of plays off of play-action, Pure gut call on this one,



Went 0-2 during the one o’clock games and totally redeemed myself going 3-0 in the after nooners…Can you say Mr. Moooomentum???

JETS +3.5 over the Titans — Don’t trust Locker against Rex’s defense and the Jets as a whole are playing better than anyone expected. I like the Under here to.

Jets 16 Titans 13

FALCONS -2 over the Patriots — The Falcons are to good to go 1-3 and the Patriots aren’t good enough to go 4-0. It’s science.

Falcons 24 Patriots 17

LIONS -3 over the Bears — The Bears are 2-5 in their last 7 on the road. and the Lions are best in the league at 3rd down defense giving up a awesome 27%.

Lions 31 Bears 20

SAINTS -6.5 over the Dolphins — Sean Payton in his last 10 home games against the spread… 10 and 0

Saints 34 Dolphins 21


CHARGERS +2 over the Cowboys — Cowboys are 8-22 against the spread in their last 30 games…and because I hate the Cowboys.

San Diego Super Chargers 21 Cowboys 20

Enjoy the games this week and as always…LETS GO BIG BLUE!!!

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