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Is Kurt Warner A Hall Of Famer ?

by James Doino

Is Kurt Warner A Hall Of Famer ?

Hall of Fame nominees were announced a couple of weeks ago and Kurt Warner has a pretty good shot at a bust 5/6 odds to winDo we at bleedbigblue.com believe the former Rams, Giants and Cardinals QB is Hall worthy?  Let us examine closer…

Check out the career numbers below.  Which one ISN’T a Hall of famer?

Kurt Warner vs other hall of famers

What if I told you, the bottom two rows of statistics belong to HOFers.  The top line is on the outside looking in.

Row 1.  Kurt Warner

Row 2. Troy Aikman

Row 3. Joe Namath.

Let that soak in for a second….

#MindBlown?  For those trying to make a case against Kurt Warner, you better come with a luggage full of arguments, because his numbers do not lie. 

Now accept that these numbers were accumulated with Warner playing less than 11 games in 6 of the 12 seasons he played in the NFL.  To quote Darth Vader, those numbers are “impressive”, to say the least.  

The knock against Warner is of course an ugly, and that is being kind, five-season span between 2002 and 2006.  During that time Warner went 8-22 as a starter and tossed three more interceptions than he did touchdowns, 30 Int’sto 27 TD’s.  Yikes… 

However, there is a flip side to that coin.  Consider what took place between the dreadful seasons of ’02 to ’06, and then go back and look at his career numbers again.  Stellar, right?  In his seven other seasons, Warner won two MVP awards and played in three Super Bowls. The four-time Pro Bowl pick also led the NFL in touchdown passes twice and passing yards once.

Want more? … Good, cause I got more. 

Every player that has won multiple MVPs in the NFL is enshrined in Canton.  The list includes Joe Montana, Steve Young and Johnny Unitas.  Brett Favre and Kurt Warner will soon be added to that list.  

But if you still are in doubt here are some more numbers….

Warner currently holds the seventh-highest career passer rating of all-time (93.7), and the third-highest career completion percentage in NFL history with 65.5%. In 13 career playoff games, Warner ranks first all-time in completion percentage (66.5%), first in yards per attempt (8.55), and second in passer rating (102.8). He also holds the highest completion percentage for a single game during the regular season, at 92.3 percent (24/26), on September 20, 2009, against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

It wouldn’t feel right to travel the easy road to anything,” Warner said when asked about not getting into the HOF on his first try…I am tremendously honored that God has chosen me for my journey and I know it is not over yet!…if I am to be a member of the pro football HOF then it will happen in due time, if not I am more than content with the things I accomplished in the game, especially the imprint I was able to leave on my teammates and the organizations that gave me the opportunity to represent them!”

And there, in a nut shell, is the one thing that should put Warner over the top. The quality of the man himself. Not at the game of football, but the game of life.  In a time when all we hear are negatives about our grid iron heroes, here is a man who was a positive to all he came into contact with, on and off the field. 

It was 2004 when I rushed my entire family to Albany for Giants training camp.  We just drafted Eli Manning and I would not be deterred, his autograph would be mine.  But in the time we spent waiting on Eli, it was another man who made a lasting impression on my family and I.  It was Kurt Warner.  

We waited with thousands of other Giants fans for autographs from the players.  My step-son, Jesse, was 9 at the time.  As we waited for Eli, we noticed Warner stopping and signing autographs, taking pictures and chatting away with anyone who approached him.  

Class personified.  

I walked up to him with Jesse and kindly asked if he would mind taking a picture with the lad.  He obliged of course, but just when I was about to click the picture a man came up with a football, stepped right in front of Jesse and shoved the football in Warner’s face to sign it.  

Annoyed as I was, I wasn’t going to start a war in front of my kid; I smiled at Jesse and said simply, “next time kiddo.”….we went to walk away and Kurt Warner, NFL and Super Bowl MVP grabbed my arm and said “hold on…” to me. He then happily signed the rude jerks football without missing a beat. When the man walked away, Warner turned to Jesse, put his arm around him, and said with a smile, “Let’s try this again”.  

Kurt Warner, the man, is now and forever will be a Hall of Famer in the game of life….and sooner rather than later, he will be a NFL Hall of Famer as well. It’s only a matter a time until the smile he wore in the picture with Jesse is engraved onto a bust in Canton, Ohio.  

Tip of the cap Mr. Warner….you got our vote!   

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Marco January 6, 2016 - 3:51 pm

What do you think? Does he get it? Leave a comment in this section.

Case January 19, 2016 - 6:07 pm

He gotta stop hating on Eli. Shit happens


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