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Deep Football Thoughts Week 3

by James Doino

Deep Football Thoughts Week 3

I can picture in my mind a world without war, a world without hate. And I can picture us attacking this world because they’d never expect it.” Jack Handey

Ok, so that quote is hilarious, but what does it have to do with football?

Well let’s, for arguments sake, make the Indianapolis Colts the world with out war. They were a great story last season with the drafting of Andrew Luck to replace Peyton Manning. Turning around a 2-14 team to go 11-5 last year and make the playoffs. The inspirational story of head coach Chuck Pagano and his fight with leukemia touched us all last season. They were the “feel good” story last year and have continued to be a “world without war, a world without hate.” Everything has been looked at through rose covered glasses for the last year in Indy.

And they may have just been attacked.

Trent Richardson for a 1st round pick??? Now hold on, before you blast me about Richardson and how good he is and what he will mean to Andrew Luck and the Colts, think about this for a sec, and not from a fantasy football perspective.

Is Trent Richardson worth a 1st round pick? Hell no.

You can debate this either way really, but I like to play devils advocate, so while i think Richardson will pay dividends for Pep Hamilton and the Colts offense in the short term, I think they over payed and panicked in acquiring him.

Richardson has a ton of talent, but he is injury prone. He has a history of knee injuries and rib injuries as well. Are the Colts that close to a championship that Richardson puts them over the top? No. Could they have used that 1st round pick on a offensive lineman or a pass rusher next season? Yes.

I don’t think the Colts were “trade raped” on this one. Richardson will help and be a lot more productive in the Colts offense, but in the long run I think Cleveland gets the better of this trade. Two picks in the 1st, 3rd rounds and 5th rounds of the draft when you are rebuilding is never a bad thing.

Lets take a look around the league after 2 weeks division by division… then some Fantasy dudes for week 3 and of course the picks of the week.

AFC EAST — Brady and the Pats WR’s are not on the same page, however they are 2-0 with Gronk on the mend. Miami looks for real so far and that defense, led by Cameron Wake has 9 sacks through 2 games. Buffalo has been better than expected and the Jets are playing hard but are offensively challenged.

Miami could give the Pats fits unless those WR’s grow up a lot in a


AFC NORTH — Yuk. The Steelers and Browns look lost. The Browns were my surprise pick to make a run at the playoffs, but that pick looks to have shit the bed after 2 weeks. weeden is hurt and has fell out of favor in Cleveland and the traded Trent Richardson to Indy, they might as well come out waving the white flag in Minnesota this weekend. Ravens and Bengals look to fight this one until the end.

Giovanni Benard showed what he can do on MNF, expect a lot more of the same moving forward. He is a difference maker.

AFC SOUTH — Hey Jaguars, Please dial 1-800-TEB-OOOW so we can actually care about you again. The Titans look better than what was expected, but I’m not sold on the QB. This looks to be the Texans division still, but with Indy getting Richardson, I don’t think it’s better for them long term, but for this season, it should make the two Colts vs. Texans games this year very interesting.

AFC WEST — Say what you want about Oakland, they have been fun to watch and if RUN-DMC can stay healthy they are going to surprise some people this year. The Chargers are playing hard but losing Malcom Floyd for a month after already losing DX, Denario Alexander for the season, Phillip Rivers is running out of WR’s fast. Chiefs have a defense that is physical and puts pressure on the QB, Hali and Houston are monsters, but The Broncos look like a steamroller. the division is theirs.

NFC WEST — I told you no one wants to go to Seattle and play. The NFC teams

need to do all they can to prevent this team from getting home field advantage. The 49ers talk tough, but cant cover a twin bed with a queen size blanket. Rams and Cardinals will continue to improve as the season moves along.

NFC SOUTH — Tampa is a mess and Revis Island is complaining, already. Carolina looks lost and the Giants will try not to provide a map for them this Sunday. The Falcons are the Falcons…if the WR’s stay healthy they can go far, if Roddy and Julio continued to get banged up the division is

the Saints to lose. Welcome back Sean Payton.

NFC NORTH — This division is fun to watch as well. The Bears have surprised, the Cutler and Trestman experiment plus a little Black Unicorn…so far so good. The Vikings and Lions will be a part of some crazy games this year but are not really contenders. Reggie Bush is hurt already. HEY RODGERS….DISCOUNT DOUBLE CHECK. Packers offensive is a juggernaut.

NFC LEAST…I MEAN EAST — Jesus, this has been disgusting. I’m nauseous just writing about it. So far I was right about the Eagles, funto watch but no defense and Vick turns the ball over to much. Dallas is Dallas, same ol Cowboys… they will have a game in their hands and then Dez will drop it. I’m trying no to gloat cause it’s so early, but RGKNEE?? I saw ESPN use that on FIRST TAKE, RGKNEE was my brainchild and I wish to be compensated…lol I also said the same offense wouldn’t work in Washington this year…so far so good.

It’s all on BIG BLUE. Play the way you are capable of playing every week and this division is yours for the taking.


“I told you so” Player of week 2 — Martellus Bennett — 70 yards…2 Touchdowns. Thats Right!!

Players I like this week…

QB — Eli Manning – Giants — Carolina is pulling corners off their practice squad and the Giants can’t run the ball. Eli has a huge day.

RB – Pierre Thomas – Saints — He is averaging 5.1 yards a carry and Mark Ingram is out. He will split time with Sproles but expect Thomas to find the end zone this weekend.

RB – Stevan Ridley – Patriots — The Pats have had 10 days to prepare for the Bucs. Expect them to score in the 30’s and Ridley to score a TD and add on yards in the 2nd half to work to clock.

WR- Michael Floyd – Cardinals — There is a new stat in fantasy football called OTD…it reflects scoring opportunities and chance near or in the End Zone. Floyd hasn’t caught a TD but he is tied for 7th in OTD and has been targeted 7 times in 2 weeks inside opponents 10 yard line…in a shoot out in New Orleans, Floyd gets his first TD of the year. Could have a huge game its Fitzgerald is out.

WR – Golden Tate – Seahawks — The Jaguars are visiting Seattle. Pray for them. Tate makes a big play and finds pay dirt.


Last week — 3-2-1

For the season — 5-4-2

If you are gambling and above .500 on the year, you should have no complaints at all. I’ve had some good calls so far and for the most part I’ve been in every game. Let’s see if I can keep it going.

Seattle -19.5 over the jaguars — I know it’s 20 points, but I think I would take Johnny Manziel and Texas A&M against

these Jags.

Seattle 30- Jaguars 3

Dolphins -3 over the Falcons– This defense is going to give the Falcons offensive line fits all day. I like Miami in their home opener.

Dolphins 24-Falcons 27

Giants PICK EM over the Panthers — Will the real NY Giants please stand up? Carolina is gonna have a problem here.

Giants 30 Panthers 14


Colts +10 over the 49ers — 49ers secondary is playing horrible and Luck will keep this close. Niners win but don’t cover.

49ers 23 Colts 20

Cardinals +7.5 over the Saints — Do I think the Cards win?…No. But Brees will throw pick against an improving Cards secondary and Palmer does enough to make it interesting late.

Saints 34 Cards 30

Enjoy the games and your weekend people …LETS GO BIG BLUE!!!!

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